Author name: Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

building an indentation lexer in python – a tutorial

scope by indentation is an alternative to curly braces and is used by languages like python and pug. it certainly is more human-friendly as experience gathered tends to produce more and more friendly syntaxes (like livecode). we’ll in this post build an indentation analyser that correctly tells us when we mixed indentation level; just like python …

building an indentation lexer in python – a tutorial Read More » : trails using oop

in this post, we’ll explain how to add trails using an oop approach. a trail is basically objects that appear where the primary objects passed in nature, trails are made by particles of the primary object but in programming, one simple approach is to draw other shapes albeit more small the full code there is the full code : # class MouseTrail: … : trails using oop Read More »