game map rendering

game map rendering or simply map rendering is a nice technique that is used to generate worlds.

explanations follow suit : demo


game_map = [

first we initialise our world as a 2d array, we distinguished patterns by using 0 and 1

tile_width = 50

next we initialised the width of a tile. the formula for tile placement is x*tile_width

def green_tile(x, y):
    rect(x, y, tile_width, tile_width)
def white_tile(x, y):
    rect(x, y, tile_width, tile_width)

next we separated our tile rendering in two functions, for now it’s just colored squares

    for r in range(map_length):
        for c in range(map_length):

we loop or the array twice, one for the row and one for the column to get the index to accesss our map by game_map[x][y]

            if game_map[c][r] == 0: # inversed for viewing as is in variable
                green_tile(r*tile_width, c*tile_width)
            elif game_map[c][r] == 1:
                white_tile(r*tile_width, c*tile_width)

here we render according to predefined symbols, it could have been ‘g’ and ‘p’ for grass and path