greenBerry - a new programming language


[caption id=”attachment_95” align=”aligncenter” width=”149”]greenBerry's logo greenBerry’s logo[/caption] What is greenBerry?

greenBerry (shortly gb) is a brand new one-line statement programming language. It was started as a fun project and it doesn’t have much functionality or practical purposes yet, but we have an infinite look ahead for it.

On the technical side it is based on Python and for now you need to have it installed in order to work with gb. Its files have an extension .gb and are very easy to use. Syntax

greenBerry’s syntax is very simple to use and easy to remember.

Here is how a basic “Hello world!” programme would look like:

print string Hello world!

There really isn’t a thing that could bother you when it comes to code readability.

You can find good explanations of gb’s syntax here: gb’s official site How does it work?

Now you may be asking “How does it even work and how can I use it?”. You can find all the files that it uses here: gb on github

Let’s get them one by one: 1. - This is ‘the brain’ of everything. Every time you run a .gb code it will first look into this file to know what it even has to do. 2. - This is a test file where you can experiment with your gb code. 3. - Here is the place from where you can run your code. Every time this file is run, it runs the code that is written in 4. - This is a simple IDE for running gb code. So you can just run this file and edit the code without having to do anything with other gb’s files. 5. - By running this you can write gb code line-by-line. And every time you want to make a new line it shows you the output of code.

Now what are you waiting for! Go and check everything that greenBerry offers you and have fun.