How to implement beautiful notifications in Flask

Since you already know how to implement notifications, let’s see how to implement beautiful notifications in Flask.

Using boostrap, we can do:

# shopyoapi.html
def notify(message, alert_type="primary"):
    Used with flash

    message: str
        message to be displayed

    alert_type: str
        bootstrap class

    alert = """
    <div class="shopyo-alert alert alert-{alert_type} alert-dismissible fade show" role="alert"
        style="opacity: 0.98;">

      <button type="button" class="close" data-dismiss="alert" aria-label="Close">
        <span aria-hidden="true">×</span>
        message=message, alert_type=alert_type

    scriptFade = """ 
          setTimeout(function() {
        }, 5000); // <-- time in milliseconds (5 secs)
    return alert + scriptFade

def notify_success(message):
    return notify(message, alert_type="success")

def notify_danger(message):
    return notify(message, alert_type="danger")

def notify_warning(message):
    return notify(message, alert_type="warning")

def notify_info(message):
    return notify(message, alert_type="info")

so that
“`flash(notify_success(‘Good’))“` will give you a green alert. But, be sure to include the bootstrap links in your page’s head. Part of the [Shopyo]( internals series.

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