polygon drawer

polygon drawer implementation (

if ever you wanted to implement a polygon drawer, here it is :



nodes = [


first we added some coordinates as 2d arrays


    for i,node in enumerate(nodes):
            line(nodes[i][0], nodes[i][1], nodes[i+1][0], nodes[i+1][1])


then for each coordinate we drew a line from it to the next, the try pass is a bad and lazy practise to prevent out of index error. the proper way is to add an if


        line(nodes[0][0], nodes[0][1], nodes[len(nodes)-1][0], nodes[len(nodes)-1][1])


then after the try catch we drew a line from the first coordinate to the last coordinate


def mousePressed():
    nodes.append([mouseX, mouseY])


then upon mouse press, we added a new coord to the array

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