Plotting Hotspots in Mauritius with Python and Folium

geo plotting has never been so easy. thanks dhrumil patel!

download the data file here

#Import Library
import folium
import pandas as pd

#Load Data
data = pd.read_csv("hotspot.csv")
lat = data['Longitude']
lon = data['Latitude']
elevation = data['Location']

#Create base map
map = folium.Map(location=[37.296933,-121.9574983], zoom_start = 5, tiles = "Mapbox bright")

#Plot Markers
for lat, lon, elevation in zip(lat, lon, elevation):
    folium.Marker(location=[lat, lon], popup=str(elevation), icon=folium.Icon(color = 'gray')).add_to(map)

#Save the map"hostspots.html")