Raspberry-Pi setup – part 2 : establishing ssh connection

raspberry pi

establishing an ssh connection is incredibly useful to manage your pi from another device/remotely be it your android phone or pc

Steps =====

  • connect the pi to the internet
  • locate pi
  • start ssh connection

connect the pi to the internet

using a two endpoints network cable, connect the pi to your router, or if you have a monitor+keyboard+mouse setup, connect to wifi (we are using pi3) Locating the pi

(make sure ssh is enabled before)

you can use angry scanner in the range - or -, etc depending on your network. pi has hostname pi.local…

personally i use findPi on the play store (an android app) start ssh connection

download putty, a popular ssh client

make sure ssh is selected, let the default port (22)

enter the pi hostname or ip address found

default user is pi

default password is raspberry

if successful, you should be directed to the pi command line interface !