Why I Admire Tiangolo More Than Fastapi


People talk about FastAPI a lot, but they give little attention to Sebastián Ramírez, alias tiangolo. It’s so obvious to me that FastAPI is a reflection of someone cool. It’s hard to miss the fact that FastAPI is cool but it has lots of details that shine beyond technical ones.

Commit messages

If you take a look at commit messages, they are awesome! I mean it’s great and this was what first tipped me that Tiangolo is not your next door dev, I intend to use that in my projects soon as it is very sleeeek.

Official Recognition of the community

Yes, the docs has an official page dedicated to the community. It has also most active users, contributors and reviewers. It also has sponsors but having a special thoughts for contributors is stellar level


Using the docs system above, the docs look pretty neat

Attention to details

For even something as basic as installing a lib, you have a cli animation for it. This from experience makes onboarding very very very easy!


Sleek is what i would define the whole thing, way of doing and writing. The owner has an eye for design and aesthetics